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Best Colleges in Pakistan (for intermediate)

After passing the school exams, It is very difficult to choose the best college for further studies also very important to select one of the best institutes for the future. Because if you select the best and right place, you will become a professional in your field.

Choosing the best institute will also impact your life as studies or hardworking. As we talk about colleges in Pakistan for intermediate-level studies. So here is some best colleges list currently going excellent in Pakistan. As I can talk about the disciplines for study.

They offer you pre-medical, (The field related to medicine), pre-engineering (related to engineering) I.COM (Banking), ICS (related to computers), and also LLB (related to law).

1)GC College University, Lahore

2) Forman Christian College, Lahore

3)Lahore College for Women's University 

4)Kinnaird College

5)Punjab Group of Colleges

6)Aitchison College

7)Queen Mary College, Lahore

8)KIPS College 

9)OPF Boys College, Islamabad

10)Army Public Schools & Colleges System (APACS)


As we talk about Government College, was established in 1864 as a primary school. Later it was converted into a middle school in 1871. After that, it can be converted into an intermediate college.

The college brings education at an intermediate level only subjects offered by this college are FSC (pre-medical), pre-engineering, ICS, FA, and ICOM. This college also offers scholarships for students who got good grades and are eligible for scholarships and also helps the students finically who do not afford studies expenses.

The very good thing is that this college provides a transport facility as well. This is a good option for the intermediate level.

Forman Christian College, Lahore:

Forman Christian College was established in 1864. The school has a different understudy body with understudies from different related gatherings of Pakistan and different nations. 

The college offers different graduate-level courses in the fields of Arts, Science, Business Organization, Schooling, and law. The college is likely home to a few survey homes and establishments.

Lahore College for Women University:

Lahore College for Ladies College (LCWU), Lahore, is a public ladies' college. It was laid out by the public authority of Punjab in 1922. Lahore School for Ladies College is situated in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore. The College has 3 delightful campuses situated at Township, Defence road, and Jail Road Lahore. 

Lahore School for Ladies College has been positioned at number 1 by the Advanced Education Commission Pakistan (HEC) in the Overall Classification of Colleges in 2012. Lahore College for Ladies has its carefully designed grounds at Prison Street which houses the real regulatory block, PC Center, Regulation Office, and Understudy Cafeteria. 

Kinnaird College:

Kinnaird School is the best school in PAKISTAN. It is situated in Defence Housing Authority, Lahore, and was laid out in 1913. It has a delightful campus that is situated close to Kalma Chowk, Lahore. It is affiliated with the University of Punjab. It is a private institute.

It offers different undergrad and postgraduate projects to its understudies. It likewise offers a few extra-curricular exercises like music and some more. Understudies can take part in various social orders, for example, Discussing society, photography society, and so on.

Punjab Group of Colleges:

Punjab Group of colleges is one of the biggest instructive organizations in Pakistan. It is a confidential area association with more than 300 campuses across Punjab, giving quality training at a reasonable expense for all. Punjab Gathering of Universities has a past filled with over twenty years.

During this time, fulfilling its objectives has been capable. The universities offer different projects from registration to postgraduate certifications. These include O-levels, A-levels, FSc, FA, ICS, BSc, BA, MBA, and so on. Each step is distinct and understudies can pick the program as indicated by their inclinations and capacities.

Aitchison College:

Aitchison School is a young men's confidential live-in school in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is the most renowned and most seasoned school in South Asia, laid out in 1886. 

Established in 1886 as the Central School by Charles John Lyall, it was allowed its status as a semi-private organization on 24 October 1892 by the Court of Oversees of the East India Organization. Aitchison School is often viewed as the place of graduation for some individuals from Pakistan's special class and old kid organization. 

The school's graduated class incorporates various recognized people including three Leaders of Pakistan (two being Lead representatives General), two State heads of Pakistan, the main equity of Pakistan, four public cricketers, a few political pioneers, and senior government authorities.

Aitchison School has been suggested as "the Eton of Pakistan" since it is frequently viewed as among Pakistan's most high schools. It has been drawn as "the St. Paul's or Winchester of South Asia," giving instruction like that presented by English government-funded schools. The school offers enormous grounds with battlegrounds and cutting-edge science labs and a pool.

Queen Mary College, Lahore:

It was established as Victoria May Young ladies Secondary School on December 10, 1908, for the instruction of the little girls of the elite, illustrious state rulers,  honesty, judges, and others.

It was directed on the model of an English government-funded school, and a few Englishwomen were enrolled to serve in the new school. The school was repaired and renamed Sovereign Mary School on November 17, 1911, out of appreciation for Sovereign Mary, the Sovereign Partner of Lord George V of unbelievable England. 

The organization became known as the "Purdah school" since most of the understudies acknowledged the school. Sovereign Mary School laid out standing for greatness in a brief period.

Queen Mary College, which started with just 11 understudies in 1908, presently wave more than 7,000 understudies and a staff of 244 individuals. An unusual organization gives training from the 1st grade to the postgraduate level. It is separated into four sections, every one of which is directed by a Part Head. The Main Director is the Head of the Junior, Senior, School, and Postgraduate are the four divisions. This school is known for having unusual studios and huge talk theaters.

KIPS College:

The KIPS College was laid out in the year 1999. The KIPS School has been located among the main ten universities in Pakistan. The school gives a wide mixture of courses to its understudies, like middle, Designing, Clinical, and software engineering programs. 

The school has a site that includes all the data about the school, charges for construction, and offices given by the establishment. The site likely remembers data about how to apply for confirmation for any program at the KIPS School. KIPS School is recognized by HEC as having expert ISO 9001 affidavit. It is focused on giving quality schooling to its understudies.

OPF Boys College, Islamabad:

OPF Boys College has a secondary school, transitional (FA/FSc), and other college campuses. Understudies of the school have great relational abilities in English and Urdu. OPF Boys College, Islamabad has been giving quality training for the most recent 40 years. The school has a decent standing among the understudies as well as in the entire local area. The school is particularly popular for its instructing and learning framework.

Army Public Schools & Colleges System (APACS):

Army Public Government-funded Schools and Colleges are the main chains of schools in Pakistan. The framework has around 150 branches all around the nation and around 40,000 understudies in these Colleges. 

These Colleges have effectively figured out how to give quality instruction to understudies for the last numerous years. The name of this foundation is very deceptive. It really has a place with no military except for is named so because it was established by the military individuals as it were.

The school furnishes a remarkable instructive climate alongside a great deal of extra-curricular exercises for its understudies. The school is known for giving quality instruction and a great many extra-curricular exercises to its understudies.

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